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HamoonRah Company History

About Hamoon Rah Company

Hamoon Rah was established in 1981 in order to perform civil projects. Not long after, the company was entered in erection and commissioning of industrial projects in oil, gas and power plant projects. Based on precious experiences on performed projects, the company changed to an EPC company around 1990. Recently, a group of process engineers has bought the company’s stocks and a team of well-experienced engineers was added to this primary team.


30 Years of Experience in Gas Sweetening and Sulphur Recovery processes. 
With its unique and complete proprietary technologies portfolio

Completed Projects

Buoyancy Tank (EPC)

Raw Water Reservoirs Project (EPC)

Water hammer prevention package (EPC)

Water storage tank used in water pumping station (EPC)

Hazop Study services of process packages (E)

Water storage tank used in water pumping station (E)

Gas desulfurization project and granular sulfur production (E)

Design of Ethane gas Vaporizer and Condenser  packages (E)

 Design and engineering of hypochlorite injection packages (E)

Supply of sheets required for water supply pipeline (P)


Ongoing Projects

CIP packages related to raw water RO unit

Water pump station ram shockproof package

Water injection packages for water supply unit


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