About us

Hamoon Rah was established in 1981 in order to perform civil projects. Not long after, the company was entered in erection and commissioning of industrial projects in oil, gas and power plant projects. Based on precious experiences on performed projects, the company changed to an EPC company around 1990.

Recently, a group of three process engineers have bought the company’s stocks and a team of nine new people were added to this primary team.

For the time being, the new team is involving for designing company’s structure, performing marketing based on long experiences, and negotiating with high technology companies to get their representative or creating strategic alliance with them in order to start bidding for projects.

The company activities cover process packages in term of EPC contraction. At the time being, Hammon Rah succes to sign contractions with some Iranian petrochemical plants regarded to water & wastewater treatment units, liquid gas vaporizers and flare gas recovery packages